Evangelium secundum Lucam 5 – 第五章 召伯多祿和其他門徒 – LUKE – CHAPTER  5

Evangelium secundum Lucam 5

1 Factum est autem, cum turba urgeret illum et audiret verbum Dei, et ipse stabat secus stagnum Genesareth
2 et vidit duas naves stantes secus stagnum; piscatores autem descenderant de illis et lavabant retia.
3 Ascendens autem in unam navem, quae erat Simonis, rogavit eum a terra reducere pusillum; et sedens docebat de navicula turbas.
From the Gospel according to Luke
LK 5:17-26 and words of the Holy Father Francis



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5:1 有一次,耶穌站在革乃撒勒湖邊,群眾擁到他前要聽天主的道理。

5:2 他看見兩隻船在湖邊停著,漁夫下了船正在洗網。

5:3 他上了其中一隻屬於西滿的船,請他把船稍微划開,離開陸地;耶穌就坐下,從船上教訓群眾。

5:4 一講完了,就對西滿說:「划到深處去,撒你們的網捕魚罷!」

5:5 西滿回答說:「老師,我們已整夜勞苦,毫無所獲;但我要遵照你的話撒網。」

5:6 他們照樣辦了,網了許多魚,網險些破裂了。

5:7 他們遂招呼別隻船上的同伴來協助他們。他們來到,裝滿了兩隻船,以致船也幾乎下沉。

5:8 西滿伯多祿一見這事,就跪伏在耶穌膝前說:「主,請你離開我!因為我是個罪人。」

5:9 西滿和同他一起的人,因了他們所捕的魚,都驚駭起來;

5:10 他的夥伴,即載伯德的兒子雅各伯和若望,也一樣驚駭。耶穌對西滿說:「不要害怕!從今以後,你要做捕人的漁夫!」

5:11 他們把船划到岸邊,就捨棄一切,跟隨了他。治好癩病人

5:12 有一次,耶穌在一座城裡,看,有一個遍體長癩的人,見了耶穌,就俯首至地求他說:「主,你若願意,就能潔淨我。」

5:13 耶穌便伸手撫摸他說:「我願意,你潔淨了罷!」癩病就立刻由他身上退去。

5:14 耶穌切切囑咐他不要告訴別人,並說:「但要去叫司祭檢驗你,為你的潔淨,獻上梅瑟所規定的,給他們當作證據。」

5:15 他的名聲更傳揚開了,遂有許多人齊集來聽教,並為治好自己的病症。

5:16 耶穌卻退入荒野中去祈禱。耶穌與法利塞人的衝突治好癱子寬赦其罪

5:17 有一天,耶穌正在施教,幾個法利塞人和法學士也在座,他們是從加里肋亞和猶太各鄉村及耶路撒冷來的;上主的德能催迫他治病。

5:18 看,有人用床抬來一個患癱瘓症的人,設法把他抬進去,放在耶穌跟前;

5:19 但因人眾多,不得其門而入,遂上了房頂,從瓦中間,把他連那小床繫到中間,正放在耶穌面前。

5:20 耶穌一見他們的信心,就說:「人啊!你的罪赦了。」

5:21 經師和法利塞人開始忖度說:「這人是誰?竟說褻瀆話!除了天主一個外,誰能赦罪?」5:22 耶穌看透了他們的心思,就向他們說:「你們心裡忖度什麼呢?5:23 什麼比較容易?是說:你的罪赦了,或是說:起來行走罷!

5:24 但為叫你們知道人子在地上有權赦罪──便對癱子說:我給你說:起來,拿起你的小床,回家去罷!」

5:25 那人立刻在他們面前站了起來,拿著他躺過的小床,讚頌著天主,回家去了。

5:26 眾人十分驚奇,並光榮天主,滿懷恐懼說:「今天我們看見了出奇的事。」召肋未並與稅吏同席

5:27 此後,耶穌出去,看見一個稅吏,名叫肋未,在稅關那裡坐著,便對他說:「跟隨我罷!」

5:28 他便捨棄一切,起來跟隨了他。

5:29 肋未在自己家中為他擺設了盛筵,有許多稅吏和其他的人,與他們一同坐席。

5:30 法利塞人和他們的經師就憤憤不平,對他的門徒說:「你們為什麼同稅吏和罪人一起吃喝?」

5:31 耶穌回答他們說:「不是健康的人需要醫生,而是有病的人。

5:32 我不是來召叫義人,而是召叫罪人悔改。」禁食的爭論

5:33 他們又對他說:「若翰的門徒屢次禁食,行祈禱;法利塞人的門徒也是這樣;而你的門徒卻又吃又喝。」

5:34 耶穌回答說:「伴郎與新郎在一起的時候,你們豈能叫他們禁食?

5:35 但日子將要來到,當新郎從他們中被劫去時,在那些日子,他們就要禁食了。」

5:36 他又對他們講比喻說:「沒有人從新衣服上撕下一塊作補釘,補在舊衣上的;不然,新的撕破了,而且從新衣上撕下的補釘,與舊的也不相稱。

5:37 也沒有人把新酒裝入舊皮囊的;不然,新酒要漲破皮囊,酒要流出來,皮囊也破了。

5:38 但新酒應裝入新囊。

5:39 也沒有人喝著陳酒,願意喝新酒的,因為他說:還是陳的好。


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The Bible – New Testament

Saint Luke


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Chapter 5


1 While the crowd was pressing in on Jesus and listening to the word of God, he was standing by the Lake of Gennesaret.


He saw two boats there alongside the lake; the fishermen had disembarked and were washing their nets.


Getting into one of the boats, the one belonging to Simon, he asked him to put out a short distance from the shore. Then he sat down and taught the crowds from the boat.


After he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Put out into deep water and lower your nets for a catch.”


Simon said in reply, “Master, we have worked hard all night and have caught nothing, but at your command I will lower the nets.”


When they had done this, they caught a great number of fish and their nets were tearing.


They signaled to their partners in the other boat to come to help them. They came and filled both boats so that they were in danger of sinking.


When Simon Peter saw this, he fell at the knees of Jesus and said, “Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man.”


For astonishment at the catch of fish they had made seized him and all those with him,


and likewise James and John, the sons of Zebedee, who were partners of Simon. Jesus said to Simon, “Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men.”


When they brought their boats to the shore, they left everything 2 and followed him.


Now there was a man full of leprosy 3 in one of the towns where he was; and when he saw Jesus, he fell prostrate, pleaded with him, and said, “Lord, if you wish, you can make me clean.”


Jesus stretched out his hand, touched him, and said, “I do will it. Be made clean.” And the leprosy left him immediately.


Then he ordered him not to tell anyone, but “Go, show yourself to the priest and offer for your cleansing what Moses prescribed; 4 that will be proof for them.”


The report about him spread all the more, and great crowds assembled to listen to him and to be cured of their ailments,


but he would withdraw to deserted places to pray.

LK 5:17-26 – and words of the Holy Father Francis


5 6 One day as Jesus was teaching, Pharisees and teachers of the law were sitting there who had come from every village of Galilee and Judea and Jerusalem, and the power of the Lord was with him for healing.


And some men brought on a stretcher a man who was paralyzed; they were trying to bring him in and set (him) in his presence.


But not finding a way to bring him in because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and lowered him on the stretcher through the tiles 7 into the middle in front of Jesus.


When he saw their faith, he said, “As for you, your sins are forgiven.” 8


Then the scribes 9 and Pharisees began to ask themselves, “Who is this who speaks blasphemies? Who but God alone can forgive sins?”


Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them in reply, “What are you thinking in your hearts?


Which is easier, to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Rise and walk’?


10 But that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins” – he said to the man who was paralyzed, “I say to you, rise, pick up your stretcher, and go home.”


He stood up immediately before them, picked up what he had been lying on, and went home, glorifying God.


Then astonishment seized them all and they glorified God, and, struck with awe, they said, “We have seen incredible things today.”


After this he went out and saw a tax collector named Levi sitting at the customs post. He said to him, “Follow me.”


And leaving everything behind, 11 he got up and followed him.


Then Levi gave a great banquet for him in his house, and a large crowd of tax collectors and others were at table with them.


The Pharisees and their scribes complained to his disciples, saying, “Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?”


Jesus said to them in reply, “Those who are healthy do not need a physician, but the sick do.


I have not come to call the righteous to repentance but sinners.”


And they said to him, “The disciples of John fast often and offer prayers, and the disciples of the Pharisees do the same; but yours eat and drink.”


12 Jesus answered them, “Can you make the wedding guests 13 fast while the bridegroom is with them?


But the days will come, and when the bridegroom is taken away from them, then they will fast in those days.”


14 And he also told them a parable. “No one tears a piece from a new cloak to patch an old one. Otherwise, he will tear the new and the piece from it will not match the old cloak.


Likewise, no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the new wine will burst the skins, and it will be spilled, and the skins will be ruined.


Rather, new wine must be poured into fresh wineskins.


(And) no one who has been drinking old wine desires new, for he says, ‘The old is good.'” 15 


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Evangelium secundum Lucam 5

1 Factum est autem, cum turba urgeret illum et audiret verbum Dei, et ipse stabat secus stagnum Genesareth

2 et vidit duas naves stantes secus stagnum; piscatores autem descenderant de illis et lavabant retia.

3 Ascendens autem in unam navem, quae erat Simonis, rogavit eum a terra reducere pusillum; et sedens docebat de navicula turbas.

4 Ut cessavit autem loqui, dixit ad Simonem: “ Duc in altum et laxate retia vestra in capturam ”.

5 Et respondens Simon dixit: “ Praeceptor, per totam noctem laborantes nihil cepimus; in verbo autem tuo laxabo retia ”.

6 Et cum hoc fecissent, concluserunt piscium multitudinem copiosam; rumpebantur autem retia eorum.

7 Et annuerunt sociis, qui erant in alia navi, ut venirent et adiuvarent eos; et venerunt et impleverunt ambas naviculas, ita ut mergerentur.

8 Quod cum videret Simon Petrus, procidit ad genua Iesu dicens: “ Exi a me, quia homo peccator sum, Domine ”.

9 Stupor enim circumdederat eum et omnes, qui cum illo erant, in captura piscium, quos ceperant;

10 similiter autem et Iacobum et Ioannem, filios Zebedaei, qui erant socii Simonis. Et ait ad Simonem Iesus: “ Noli timere; ex hoc iam homines eris capiens ”.

11 Et subductis ad terram navibus, relictis omnibus, secuti sunt illum.

12 Et factum est, cum esset in una civitatum, et ecce vir plenus lepra; et videns Iesum et procidens in faciem rogavit eum dicens: “ Domine, si vis, potes me mundare ”.

13 Et extendens manum tetigit illum dicens: “ Volo, mundare! ”; et confestim lepra discessit ab illo.

14 Et ipse praecepit illi, ut nemini diceret, sed: “ Vade, ostende te sacerdoti et offer pro emundatione tua, sicut praecepit Moyses, in testimonium illis ”.

15 Perambulabat autem magis sermo de illo, et conveniebant turbae multae, ut audirent et curarentur ab infirmitatibus suis;

16 ipse autem secedebat in desertis et orabat.

17 Et factum est, in una dierum, et ipse erat docens, et erant pharisaei sedentes et legis doctores, qui venerant ex omni castello Galilaeae et Iudaeae et Ierusalem; et virtus Domini erat ei ad sanandum.

18 Et ecce viri portantes in lecto hominem, qui erat paralyticus, et quaerebant eum inferre et ponere ante eum.

19 Et non invenientes qua parte illum inferrent prae turba, ascenderunt supra tectum et per tegulas summiserunt illum cum lectulo in medium ante Iesum.

20 Quorum fidem ut vidit, dixit: “ Homo, remittuntur tibi peccata tua ”.

21 Et coeperunt cogitare scribae et pharisaei dicentes: “ Quis est hic, qui loquitur blasphemias? Quis potest dimittere peccata nisi solus Deus? ”.

22 Ut cognovit autem Iesus cogitationes eorum, respondens dixit ad illos: “ Quid cogitatis in cordibus vestris?

23 Quid est facilius, dicere: “Dimittuntur tibi peccata tua”, an dicere: “Surge et ambula”?

24 Ut autem sciatis quia Filius hominis potestatem habet in terra dimittere peccata — ait paralytico – : Tibi dico: Surge, tolle lectulum tuum et vade in domum tuam ”.

25 Et confestim surgens coram illis tulit, in quo iacebat, et abiit in domum suam magnificans Deum.

26 Et stupor apprehendit omnes, et magnificabant Deum; et repleti sunt timore dicentes: “ Vidimus mirabilia hodie ”.

27 Et post haec exiit et vidit publicanum nomine Levi sedentem ad teloneum et ait illi: “ Sequere me ”.

28 Et relictis omnibus, surgens secutus est eum.

29 Et fecit ei convivium magnum Levi in domo sua; et erat turba multa publicanorum et aliorum, qui cum illis erant discumbentes.

30 Et murmurabant pharisaei et scribae eorum adversus discipulos eius dicentes: “ Quare cum publicanis et peccatoribus manducatis et bibitis? ”.

31 Et respondens Iesus dixit ad illos: “ Non egent, qui sani sunt, medico, sed qui male habent.

32 Non veni vocare iustos sed peccatores in paenitentiam ”.

33 At illi dixerunt ad eum: “ Discipuli Ioannis ieiunant frequenter et obsecrationes faciunt, similiter et pharisaeorum; tui autem edunt et bibunt ”.

34 Quibus Iesus ait: “ Numquid potestis convivas nuptiarum, dum cum illis est sponsus, facere ieiunare?

35 Venient autem dies; et cum ablatus fuerit ab illis sponsus, tunc ieiunabunt in illis diebus ”.

36 Dicebat autem et similitudinem ad illos: “ Nemo abscindit commissuram a vestimento novo et immittit in vestimentum vetus; alioquin et novum rumpet, et veteri non conveniet commissura a novo.

37 Et nemo mittit vinum novum in utres veteres; alioquin rumpet vinum novum utres et ipsum effundetur, et utres peribunt;

38 sed vinum novum in utres novos mittendum est.

39 Et nemo bibens vetus vult novum; dicit enim: “Vetus melius est!” ”.