In this interactive video game called “Una aventura con Jesús”, Ana and Luis are two children who are preparing themselves for their first communion. One day they go for a walk through the countryside with their group of catechesis and they separated from the group. They start walking and they find a church where they meet Jesusín. This child, who has been helping his father to restore the church, asks them to bring them to the village once he has collected all the tools they have been using.
The game begins when Ana and Luis come into the church and they start to find the tools to help their new friend. They have to pass several tests in which they review the subject of preparation for the First Communion. Once they found all the tools, they have to pass a final test to go into town and meet his group of catechesis.
Thanks to this adventure, our children will discover the true story of Jesus, the Son of God, playing with Ana and Luis, two friendly children that will teach them the mysteries of knowledge through the pages of the book or the computer game.
In this option we present the different 16 ingenuity and skill training minigames that make the videogame an adventure game where if they don’t pass the tests they won’t be able to continue the game. Practice separately before start with the videogame. Cheer up!